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Reviews from happy clients

Thanks once again Craig and Co For services rendered professionally and expediently cant believe the years you have Served


-Gena Sinopoli


This is a great company in my opinion. I called them, and got same day service. They cleaned out the main line in our Condo, and did a great job. No complaints at all. This was a job that another plumbing company came out to do, and couldn't get done. Affordable got it done at a great price. The owner is friendly on the phone and had a technician out right away. The tech was a very good employee and respectful of our house and did great work 


- Nate G.

We have used Affordable multiple times at our home and at my Mother-in-law's home, and found them responsive, smart, friendly and yes...affordable. We've dealt both with Craig and John and they were both efficient and able to get the job done in a timely manner, often on the same day we call, as they focus on the Santa Cruz area. We've only used them for fix-it work, and I can't speak to new major plumbing installs etc, but they have been great for leaky valves, plugged drains, and swapping out water heaters, etc. We'll keep hiring them for sure when we have a problem. 


- Tycho S.

The technician Stephen was both courteous and professional. He went right to work and solved the problem of my blocked sewer drain. I would definitely recommend them. 


- Hank M.

Our shower dial stopped working and the faucet dripped and whined. We tried calling a few people and no one returned our calls. But I was able to get ahold of Affordable Plumbing right away and they came over in the late morning. While here, the plumber was efficient, and when he had to go out for a part he called to let me know he had to travel further away to find the right one. At the end of the day, the price was reasonable, the work was done right (heck, our shower works better than it has since it was installed four years ago!), and they were very communicative. Great service!                                                  


- Claire Y.

They came to save the day! We were renting a beach house in Santa Cruz with 4 young kids. Our showers were not draining so the property manager called them out. They came first thing in the morning. The cleared the lines in no time and they were very friendly! We appreciate your time and effort 


- Stacey F.

They were prompt, courteous, friendly and honest. They were also a lot less expensive than the other plumbers I called. I definitely recommend them. 


- Joan H.

There are dozens of plumbers and drain cleaners around and I've tried most of them. These guys come out quickly and on time and charge up to half what the others charged me. Hey! Cleaning out drains isn't nuclear science. I have drain problems with three women with long hair and Craig is always right on the plugs. I even bought a motorized snake from Home Depot because I was tired of dealing with the other guys before finding Affordable. I ended up selling it on Craigslist because it was easier just to have these guys do the job. 


- Ronald S.

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